37 years of experience, fully automated, top quality prints, full art department, above industry standards turn around time, personable and friendly sales team and that J's flare that makes our prints stand out from the rest! These are just a small example of the type of service and product you'll recieve at J's Silkscreens.

What is screenprinting?

Screen Printing is a process from wich your art is separated by color, then exposed on a fine mesh screen coated with light sensitive emulsion and finally ink pushed through the screen on to your product. One approach is for each color to have it's own screen( good for graphics and logos and such) or we'll use halftones to create the illusion of shadows and different values of colors.

Watch a video of our press in action!

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What about the art on my goods?

Our capable and creative art department will work closely with you to realize your desired goal on your goods (whether you provide a sketch on bar napkin or camera ready art with all the separations ready to go).

What is the cost of screen printing?

There are numerous variables involved in pricing screen printing, i.e. number of colors, location of print or prints, color of ink, color of shirt, number of shirts, etc. For us to provide you with the best price we can, a basic knowledge of some of those variables is beneficial.

Sample Screenprint Work

The samples below were all printed at J's and are photos of actual shirts.

Screenprinting Samples ©2005 J's Silkscreens

    Some of the garments we offer
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